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Ahlan wa Sahlan

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Ladies and Gentlemen - a warm welcome to the Arabian Businesswomen Special Report 2008.

  1. Boardroom blues
  2. A few good women
  3. Women hold just 1.5% of GCC board seats

The Future Arabian Businesswoman
Politics & Economics
EXCLUSIVE: Influential Arabian woman Muna AbuSulayman on her vision and new business venture into fashion.

Leading historic change
Politics & Economics
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dr. Basmah Omair, CEO of the Khadijah bint Khuwailid Centre, Jeddah.

The Prime Institution
Politics & Economics
Honouring The Khadijah bint Khuwailid Businesswomen Centre in Jeddah as a prime institution for businesswomen's rights.


The female of the species
A recent Saudi decision offers the perfect opportunity to reignite that great debate: who are the better drivers, women or men?

Shahzad Sheikh  

Making their presence felt
Women across the Gulf Co-operation Council region are rising to the forefront of all facets of political and business life.

Nessrine Salah


Arabian Businesswomen 2008 aims to celebrate the achievements of some of the businesswomen in the Gulf who have already achieved success. Whom do you think the Arabian Businesswomen of the future will be?

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    Boardroom blues

    The number of women in the workforce is rising across the Gulf but few make it to the boardroom.

    Women hold just 1.5% of GCC board seats

    Social and religious factors holding women back from positions of power - report.

    H&M to open women-only department store

    WEFME: Swedish retail giant plans first Saudi store staffed entirely by women for women.

    Women shunned in Kuwait election

    Women fail to enter parliament, while Sunni Islamists make strong showing and Shi'ites gain one more seat.

    Generation game

    Family-run firms account for 75% of Gulf businesses. Is the next generation ready to take over?

    Arab women kept out of business

    Women own just 14% of business establishments in region compared to up to 30% in US and Europe.

    Women told to stay at home

    Member of Saudi's Shura Council tells forum woman's duty is to be at home bringing up children.

    Saudi women denied basic human rights

    Kingdom's mail guardianship and segregation policies 'grossly discriminatory', HRW says.

    New CEO for first all-female private equity firm

    Mahasti Dadressan takes CEO role at all-female private equity firm Forsa LLC.

    Queen Rania launches YouTube appeal

    Young people across the globe invited to challenge stereotypes of Arabs and Muslim world.

    GCC's first women-only property opens

    Owned and run by a group of business women, the 25-room boutique property includes restaurants and conference halls as well as the spa, which opened in 2005.

    Female drivers to give Saudi economy huge boost

    Lifting of ban would increase purchasing power and open up new markets, analyst says.

    UAE appoints first female judge

    Kholoud Ahmad Jouan Al-Dhaheri makes history as Abu Dhabi's first woman to serve as judge.

    Saudi woman flouts driving ban on YouTube

    Activist posts clip of herself behind the wheel to mark International Women's Day.

    Sheikha Fatima calls for end to suffering of women

    Women continue to endure serious human rights abuses, wife of late Sheikh Zayed says.

    Jafza to regenerate Philippines freeport

    Jafza International has signed an agreement to develop and regenerate of Subic Bay Freeport in the Philippines.

    Islamic law permits women to drive - scholar

    Islamic leader offers support to Saudi women campaigning for the right to drive.

    A family affair

    Andrew White meets the woman charged with keeping BinHendi Enterprises ahead of the competition.

    Jafza to develop Saudi Arabia logistics hub

    Jafza International has signed a MoU with Rakisa Holding for the development and management of Rakisa Economic City in Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi women get freedom to drive

    Officials say women will be allowed to get behind the wheel in landmark decision to be issued by year-end.

    Saudi women car owners skyrocket

    Automobile industry executives report huge rise in number of women buying cars despite ban.

    Deep-seated sexism marginalising Arab women

    AIWF Forum: Lack of female representation due to sexism, professor says.

    Lubna Olayan: Richest Arab Woman

    Lubna Olayan is the World's Richest Arab Woman, featured at no. 9 in as part of the Olayan family.

    INSEAD joins Forsa in training scheme

    Dubai-based investment company Forsa and renowned business school INSEAD join orces to train businesswomen across region.

    Girl power

    An increasingly wealthy female population has led the region's banks to launch a raft of "women only" services.

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