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Social Media in GCC
ends on Saturday, 10 October 2009

A recent global survey by Universal Media (UM) indicated a significant growth in the ways consumers are using the internet to create and share thoughts, pictures and videos. Social networks are increasingly becoming the key platforms for content creation and content sharing as social media continue to thrive around the world.

The survey shows that social media is likely to become synonymous with social networking not too far in the future with almost two-thirds of the world’s active internet users joining various social network sites in recent years. Globally active internet users are estimated at 625 millions; one in thirteen of all humans, and one in three internet users.

UM and tie up to take a look at the region’s usage and uptake of social media and measure the growth of its tools and platforms, and ascertain social media trends in the GCC.

The survey aims at understanding how, where and why consumers in the GCC are using the many different social media platforms that enable content creation and sharing.

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